Planet Possible

Planet Possible tells the stories of the people paving the way for positive planetary and societal change. Join host Niki Roach as she explores what’s possible with practitioners and visionaries working on the big issues like adaptation and resilience to climate change, enhancing our natural environment and improving equality, diversity and inclusion in the environment sector. Everything is connected, follow this series as we explore those connections and discover what’s really possible for our planet. Planet Possible is brought to you by CIWEM; a community of environmental professionals creating a more positive world. Season 4 of Planet Possible is sponsored by Skewb – find out more at https://skewb.co.uk

Podcast Host – Niki Roach

Director & Co-Founder at AxiaOrigin | Immediate Past President of CIWEM |🎙Planet Possible Host | FCIWEM | Passionately believes everything is connected.

Niki has significant industry knowledge and offers leadership and strategic skills from her 16-year career in the water industry. She formed Uros Consulting in 2014 to provide tailored consultancy support to clients across the water and utility sector, before which she held leadership positions with Yorkshire Water in a variety of water and wastewater strategic and operational roles. Niki brings her working knowledge of the water sector to the Board, combined with experience in process improvement and delivering strategic change.


Planet Possible is brought to you by CIWEM; a community that represents and supports thousands of members and organisations in over 89 countries who are dedicated to improving water and environmental management for the benefit of the public. Our aim is to work towards a safer, more sustainable world. Our mission is to build a global community of water and environmental professionals dedicated to working for the public benefit. As an independent charity, we champion professional standards, impartiality and the use of scientific evidence in the management of the environment. We champion

– Highly qualified water and environmental managers, engineers and scientists who are recognised globally for their professional expertise and conduct.
– Protection of the public from pollution, environmental destruction and natural hazards through best practices.
– Application, scientific rigour and impartiality to plans and policies ensuring the best outcomes for society now and in the future.


Developing Accordion, a product that changes the length of podcasts

Bwlb is an innovation company that aims to offer expertise, investment and success through making content and products. The name, which is the Welsh word for ‘bulb’, is a reference to the ‘light bulb moment’ experienced when thinking up an idea. Bwlb was founded by Andy Taylor, who started the company after working in radio and audio for two decades. – find out more at http://www.bwlb.co.uk

Season 4 Sponsor

Skewb; Passionate about transforming water & energy utilities

Skewb is a team of industry experts who have lived and breathed the utility world, experienced the journey that you and your teams are going though, and we speak your language! We seek to address the key challenges faced by the utilities sector by developing long term sustainable partnerships with our clients, to positively disrupt the industry.