Audio Special: A Fresh Water Future?


What does the future of water look like? Do we need a single organisation managing our water catchments and do we need more resources to regulate the quality and quantity of our water? Join the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, John Curtin and CIWEM’s Director of Policy, Alastair Chisholm as we explore these topics – and find out what John’s biggest environmental concern is.

A fresh water future?

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In the UK our freshwaters are under stress like never before. Pollution from farming, wastewater and sewage, and impermeable urban surfaces is precipitating a steady decline in our water’s health despite a raft of existing regulation aimed at protecting it.

On top of this, climate change is exacerbating these challenges through droughts, floods and extreme weather.
The public and politicians are gradually waking up to this. But what can be done? We need food, we need housing, we need infrastructure. But above all we need a healthy environment – with freshwater as its lifeblood – to sustain us.

So how do we achieve healthy rivers, lakes and seas and a resilient water system for people?

From sewage pollution to flood and drought resilience, A Fresh Water Future is a space for CIWEM research, opinion, interviews and guest features on how we can manage water better in the future.

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